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60% with Solar Panels

Save up to 60% on your energy bills with Solar Panels.

We Guarantee You 50% Savings on Your Energy Bills!*

Don’t Wait – Tax Credits Expire in 2016!

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South Carolina’s energy rates have increased 37% in the last 5 years, and will increase 2.84% by the end of 2014. When you upgrade to solar energy, future rates hikes won’t affect you, as the value of the energy you create increases as well.

Lower Bills Up To 60%, and Ignore Rate Hikes!

Adding Solar Panels from Energy One America to your home will give you an industry leading 19% solar cell efficiency, saving you up to 60% on your power bills.

Save The Planet!
Go Solar!

Adding our Solar Panels to your home will lower your carbon footprint, reducing your impact on the environment to almost zero. Yes, you can post your greenness on Facebook.


NetZero Spray Foam and Solar Panels

Combine our Solar Panels with our Spray Foam Insulation for a home with even lower energy costs! We have customers who routinely have power bills that are $10 or less!  We offer upgraded insulation for existing attics, walls, and crawlspaces.

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A client with 10kw system has computed that by the time he retires the capital cost for his solar system will be recovered. He is producing $200 worth of power a month. He has a big home and uses almost all the power produced so he is going into retirement with minimum energy costs. 

Just got a call from our new solar powered homeowner. Record day!  He produced 66kwh today and has been producing over 50kwh/day.  He said he is very happy that he made this investment. His solar PV system is his top income producing investment by far. That is what we call green!

A client on Tybee installed a 5KW system 3 years ago and used money from CDs to pay for system. His solar systems ROI is 11% over .8% paid by bank. Another client has factored in paying his power bill with post tax dollars. His ROI is over 14%!

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*50% savings on Energy Bills is dependent on site specifics, such as roof dimensions, etc.